About Us

Sun Current is a 100% Australian owned company. We are committed to helping both families and business establishments set up their own solar energy system. This will help them save on their electricity bills through harnessing solar energy, a cost-effective, inexhaustible and renewable energy source.

We offer high quality solar panels at affordable cost. Our team of efficient and certified installers throughout the rural and urban areas of Australia is composed of electricians who are highly professional and skilled at their job. Even after installation of your solar panels is completed, we are continuously committing our support and services at your convenience.

How Sun Current can work for you

In 2001, Federal Government launched the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET). This program requires that by the year 2020, renewable energy must have a 20% share of the total electricity supply in Australia. Electricity retailers and industrial operations are then required to purchase electricity from renewable sources, in the form of the previous Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), or currently the Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs). Establishments which produce electricity from renewable energy sources, such as wind, hydro, geothermal, landfill gas, and solar PV and solar thermal which produce electricity are entitled to these STCs, and therefore have an opportunity to generate income from them.

The Solar Credits Scheme was introduced by the Federal Labor Government in 2009 to provide subsidies to homes, companies, and non-profit organizations in the form of Small-scale Technology Certificates or STCs. A certain number of STCs were awarded to homes and establishments depending on the size of solar panel systems they have installed. Basically, every 1MWh you produce entitles you to 1 STC which Sun Current cells to energy companies for you, and this is accumulated for a period of 15 years.

The Solar Credits Scheme is funded by the government. Under this scheme, a certain number of STCs are given to establishments with solar powered electricity depending on the size of the installed system and the on which region you live in. Generally, values range from A$900 for a 1.5kW size system, to A$18,000 for a 30kW size system. Sun Current is responsible for claiming this STC values on your behalf.

Income Generation through Solar Power System

Feed-in Tariffs were implemented by several states to increase the generated amount of PV power. The feed-in tariff is the amount paid for every kilowatt Hour of excess energy produced by your system that is sold back to the power grid. This amount depends on the electricity retailers and state provision.

To sell power back to the grid, a bi-directional meter will be installed in your home to record the amount you are exporting to and importing from the electricity retailer. This will be charged to you by the electric company at cost.

The states also impose a limit to the system size that you can have installed in your property if you want to qualify for feed-in rebates. The allowed system size is generally from 5kW to 30kW only. If your system exceeds this size, you will not be eligible for tariff.

If you wish to use the solar power system to only meet your household’s energy needs, a small 1.5kW – 3kW system is advisable. This will produce enough supply for you, with little excess to sell back to the grid.

If you wish to generate a high feed-in tariff with your system, we recommend the biggest solar panel system possible and advise you on how to utilize your electricity to maximize your excess supply to sell back to the grid.

We are committed to helping you decide on which solar power system will work best for you and what will give you the maximum benefits. If you wish to invest in a massive system in order to generate the maximum income possible from exporting electricity or if you only wish to install a system to meet your daily electricity requirements, Sun Current will be there to inform you of all the possibilities.

Why Solar

You might be thinking to yourself, why go to all the hassle of having these solar panels installed, when I can afford to pay for my electricity anyway? You would be surprised that it will not only benefit you and your finances, but your children and their future as well. Here’s why.

Benefits of Solar Power

It is a renewable energy source that is readily available. Being a renewable energy source, production involves a relatively simple process with zero by-product and no greenhouse gas emissions. These greenhouse gases cause global warming and climate change. By subscribing to solar energy, you are doing your part in fighting global warming.

Producing electricity for your own use saves you from paying electricity bills at the same time provides an opportunity to earn as you sell your excess production to the grid.

Additional benefits from the government include rebates under the Solar Credits Program, where users are awarded Renewable Energy Certificates, feed-in tariffs, and payment for excess energy production that may be used by other families.

Smaller carbon footprint. Producing electricity from solar panels result in zero waste and air pollution as compared to burning of fossil fuels, which results in tons of toxic fumes released into the atmosphere and affecting the quality of the air we breathe.

Solution to high cost of electric power consumption. Australia currently has the highest cost of electricity in the world. To cut on this high cost, 80-90% of our clients have chosen to have solar panels installed as a means to save on their electricity bills.

Be a pioneer in your community. An initial investment in having solar panel system installed in your home will result in years of free electricity for your household. Be an inspiration in your community and encourage others to follow suit and go for solar energy as well.

Increase your home value. Do you know that homes with solar panels installed are higher in value than most homes? Increase your property’s assessed value by having these solar panels installed

Our Vision

At Sun Current we envision more and more solar-powered homes in the urban, suburban and rural communities harnessing the maximum potential energy resources that are readily available to all. We seek to encourage homes and businesses to turn to cost-effective and long term savings through solar power panels.

Our Mission

To provide high quality solar PV panels and installation services to residential and commercial clients, and educate them on the benefits and advantages of using solar power for their household and business needs.

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