Solar Panel Systems

2kW Solar System

Output:2,560 to 3,640 kWh/year*

Roof area required:14.4 m2

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3kW Solar System

Output:3,835 to 5,470 kWh/year*

Roof area required:21.6 m2

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4kW Solar System

Output:5,100 to 7,250 kWh/year*

Roof area required:28.8 m2

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5kW Solar System

Output:6,350 to 9,040 kWh/year*

Roof area required:36.0 m2

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*All calculations are estimates based on publicly available data provided by the Clean Energy Council. Please contact one of our team member on 1300 251 533 to discuss the level of savings you can make.


Sun Current’s solar packages begin at 2KW systems and can go up to 100 KW systems. Become competitor of the electricity companies by producing your own electricity and deciding how and when to use it.


Hybrid system allows households to store the excess energy that they generate during the day, so that they can use it at night. A stand-alone system is ideal for residential properties in regional areas that are looking to remain environmentally sustainable, and wish to be power independent.

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