SunCurrent Advantage ?

We are one of the reputed and renowned supplier of solar equipment. We earned the reputation by delivering quality and reliable solutions to our customers.We are a trusted Australian brand who has been around few decades by maintaining highest industry standards.Choosing SunCurrent will be your wise decision as we believe in customer satisfaction. By keeping your faith on us you can confidently sit back our durable and long lasting products last for years to come.Apart from it we support you as long as you use our products and throughout their lifetime. .

SunCurrent Installers ?

We ensure that our installers are skillful and we employ the best workforce in the industry. All our installers are tesla and clean energy council trained and approved. Enjoy 'Life of the systems' warranty. Quality is our main motto. Our products meet highest standards. They never get deviated from their job easily. Still to assure trust for our customers we offer life of the system warranty.

Premium Products ?

We at SunCurrent are very passionate to deliver best in class solutions and we are very selective and never hesitate to choose the right products that meet our highest standard guidelines. we only select best in class products that are trustworthy and cost effective.

Risks of cheaper inverters ?

Cheap inverters are not robust and they generally fail even before their warranty period. If you are lucky and it fails in warranty period the company might help you, But if it just fails exactly after warranty period you have to re-invest again..

Pick the right Inverter ?

An inverter is the core of every alternative power unit. It is the CPU of unit that converts direct current to alternate current for optimising the solar power for home needs. It is a box filled with various electronic parts that you find in televisions, vacuum cleaners etc..All these electronic parts function together for regulating the current and voltage.

How do solar photovoltaic cells work?

Photovoltaic cells are made up of semiconductor material such as silicon. The silicon is mixed with elements phosphorus and boron which create conductivity within the cell and activate the movement of electrons.

The electrons move across the cells when are activated by the sunlight's energy into the electrical circuit hooked up to the solar panel. Therefore, the power produced by a PV array (the group of solar panels) increases with the intensity of the light striking it.


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